Propozition helps major outsourcer win £250m central government managed services framework contract - Propozition
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Propozition helps major outsourcer win £250m central government managed services framework contract

Central Government managed services outsourcing framework contract

Propozition helps major outsourcer win £250m central government managed services framework contract

We are delighted to have helped a global services provider win a multi-year contract to provide transformation and managed services for a high-profile UK Government department.  This public-sector framework has a reported value of £250 million. The Whitehall-based procurer described the winner as “a trusted partner”.  The contract went live in March 2022.

This is Propozition’s second large-scale engagement with this bidder and marks a successful second consecutive win.

Our work included:

  • Research commissioning
  • Proposition development
  • Contribution to key aspects of the solution
  • Training for all key contributors and reviewers
  • Answer storyboarding
  • Response template design
  • Answer reviewing
  • Author support
  • Graphics production
  • Exec summary drafting
  • Final production
  • Project management of the submission


The bid director (at the service provider) commented:

Our first major bid engagement with Propozition was wildly successful.  So, it was a no-brainer to bring them back in to replicate the success – and that’s exactly what we did.

Ensuring that every member of our large bid team had been through the Propozition bid writing course was a significant investment – but it paid off in team-building, alignment of approach and the quality of our responses.  These scored 80-95%.

There are lots of bid specialists with equally competent methodologies.   What makes Propozition different is they are ‘all in’.  Their level of sustained commitment was exceptional.  By making the process fun, they managed to give us the candid feedback we needed while simultaneously helping me keep my team motivated.  That’s not easy to pull-off.

Propozition listened to our diverse technical contributions.  They blended these into a few memorable and attractive concepts that gave consistency to our message.

We heard informally that our submission was the most clear and compelling – very similar to comments on our previous win with Propozition.    As well as a big thank you to my in-house team, I want to credit Clair, Katie, Rupert, Patrick and, of course, Jonny at Propozition.  Their efforts multiplied the value of my people – reflected in yet another major win.


Jonny Sherwin, Managing Director, Propozition, commented:

This bid’s success began and ended with the quality of our client’s bid director.  I’m happy to accept that we contributed value in the middle.  We were able to do this because this particular leader instinctively understood the importance of having a persuasive message – a sense of purpose – that ran through all the technical content.

When all the technical subject matter expert  ‘musicians’ were ‘playing their instruments’, often at once, and sometimes in different keys – we were able to pick out a few tunes and build a chorus we could all repeat.  That turned this bid into a hit.

For the second time in a row, I’m  delighted that this client has chalked up another major win working with us.