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Free images you can use in bids


Free images you can use in bids

Free stock photos you can use in bids and presentations

We’ve all seen it done – a quick search in Google Images.  It’s tempting, but unless you’re careful to select Tools and filter for “Labeled for reuse”, you’re probably infringing someone’s rights and you still need to provide a Creative Commons attribution.

Another option is a paid-for image from the likes of Alamy and Shutterstock.  If time is tight, it’s probably cheaper to pay and than to waste time searching other options.

But there are now a number free stock image libraries – that require no attribution, even for commercial use.

The image above is from Unsplash:

Here at Propozition, ‘free’ photo libraries we find useful for submissions and presentations include:


Make your own enquiries on rights before using images from others.