Propozition helps Wates win 6 lots on £30bn CCS Construction Framework - Propozition
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Propozition helps Wates win 6 lots on £30bn CCS Construction Framework

Wates with propozition wins CCS RM6088 construction framework places

Propozition helps Wates win 6 lots on £30bn CCS Construction Framework

Wates’ framework team lead by Andy Riggs @Riggs_Wates and Jonny Sherwin @propozition maintains its 100% win rate.

The strict bid submission rules (type-in-the-box plain text with strict character-count limits) ensured we made not just every word count but literally every character.

We took nothing for granted, analysing every word of every question – and the same for each answer.

I valued Propozition’s gentle but persistent external challenge as well as their editing ability. This helped us convey our values as well as our technical capability – avoiding the risk of the necessarily brief answers reading like SMS messages.

This is our 10th consecutive winning bid working with Propozition. We can always rely on them for commitment, judgement and finding a different ways of bringing our content to life – whatever the constraints.

Andy Riggs
Head of Government Sector

Wates have secured six places on the new Crown Commercial Services Construction framework bid (RM6088) with, at time of writing, further lots to award.

This is another valuable win for Wates – marking a 100% track record in framework bids that goes back to our first framework engagement with Wates in 2012.

With this CCS framework being entirely new, there was always risk of mis-aligned client/bidder expectations.

We’re thrilled to have collectively made the right judgements and look forward to working with Andy and his team again (in fact we already are!)

Jonny Sherwin
Managing Director

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